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Leaders of Promise

The Indiana Alumni chapter hosted the first Leaders of Promise Day for the Indiana Region. The day was packed full of Phi Theta Kappa information. The Alumni chapter put together an excellent session for chapter officers to learn more about how a Phi Theta Kappa chapter is run from the very beginning and beyond. Members in attendance were presented numerous break out sessions beginning with the specific offices of president, vice president, public relations and secretary/treasurer, to those dealing with the hallmarks, fundraising, service, and more!
The members were split into four mock chapters and given the responsibility to build a chapter from the beginning. From choosing a chapter name to electing officers to writing bylaws and competing for hallmark awards, the mock chapter became one unit with members learning the process in a hands on activity.
The Alumni Chapter put on a great session for the Leaders of Promise. Thanks to all of the alumni and seminar leaders for their part in this first ever Leaders of Promise event for Indiana. Perhaps many more of you will be able to benefit from this experience next year!

Honors Study Topic

December 1-2 we gather in Sellersburg to explore the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Study Topic: In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life. We explore this topic by listening to various speakers, learning activities and events we can take part in, and by attending break out sessions to discuss the topic further. Many of the ideas and topics discussed during our Regional Honors Institute are similar to the International Honors Institute which took place this summer in San Diego, California.
During the International Convention in Denver, Colorado, on March 29-31, we will learn more about the 2001-2002 Honors Study Topic. Further study and insight of the topic, "Customs, Traditions and Celebrations: The Human Drive for Community" will be held next summer. The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, will be the site of the 2001 Honors Institute, on June 17-24. Anyone able to attend the Institute will have the opportunity to have a dose of 'college life' and a wealth of knowledge related to the 2001-2002 Honors Study Topic.

Slyvia Earle Inducted

Dr. Slyvia Earle was recently inducted into the the National Women's Hall of Fame. Dr. Earle is a member of the Eta Nu Chapter in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her informative speech at the International Convention in Orlando, excited thousands of attendees about the Honors Study Topic. Dr. Earle, an undersea explorer, and marine scientist, is also the founder and director of Deep Ocean Engineering, a builder of deep ocean submersibles.

Centennial Anniversary

Joliet Junior College, the first community college, was established outside of Chicago, Illinois, on January 6, 1901. Community Colleges and Phi Theta Kappa will celebrate the Community College 100th Anniversary in 2001.
Your campus may celebrate this anniversary in numerous ways throughout the year. Chapters could bring in past, present, and even future students to discuss what the existence of a community college means to them. If it wasn't for the community college, many of the students that enroll would not otherwise be able to continue their education. You can bring in students and others that can showcase the significance of the community college and how it is a wonderful development within the educational world! Colleges could choose to host the event or cooperate with local high schools to encourage students to attend their local community college to further their education.
There are many opportunities for you and your campus to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the community college throughout the year. Share your ideas and experiences with other members and campuses that do not have a Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Help Indiana celebrate the existence of the community throughout the Centennial Anniversary of the community college.


Community, technical, and junior colleges are given the opportunity each year to recognize two outstanding students on their campus. The All-USA Academic Team competition, sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, USA Today, and the American Association of Community Colleges, allow each campus to honor two of their students each year in the All-USA competition for their state. Nationally, members named to the All-USA First Team receive a $2,500 scholarship and are recognized at the annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges.
Indiana also recognizes all the students nominated by their colleges during a awards dinner. The students are also given awards based on their placement within the state of Indiana.
In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the community college, every state will have a student recognized at the American Association of Community Colleges convention. The Centennial Scholar is a special, one time award, presented to the top ranking student in each state's competition. They will be honored along with the All-USA First Team and will receive a $2,000 scholarship.

What is an Egroup?

Have you joined the Indiana Region's egroup yet? What is an egroup? An egroup is an email system that allows users the ability to send out an email to one address and have it distributed throughout the group. For further information you can visit our website at

Indiana Egroups

The Indiana Region has established two egroups. The first is open to all members of the Indiana Region, including advisors, alumni, and officers to discuss Phi Theta Kappa issues and ideas. You may join this group by sending an email to and following the instructions you receive. The second group is dedicated to the Indiana chapter presidents. If you are a chapter president and would like to join this egroup, please email to join the group.

Vice-President North

Due to health and related reasons, James Lowes has resigned the position of North Vice President of the Indiana Region. We wish James the best with everything he is dealing with and hope he can meet and exceed all of his goals and ambitions. Also, thanks for your past, present, and future service to Phi Theta Kappa and the Indiana Region.
Michelle Worley has been appointed to this position. Michelle is currently the chapter secretary for Alpha Upsilon Tau at Ivy Tech-Indianapolis. She has served as their chapter president as well as having ran for the position of North Central International Vice-President at the International Convention in Orlando, Florida. Michelle will become the contact regional officer for the following chapters which James was assigned: Alpha Sigma Kappa, Beta Beta Alpha, Alpha Tau Xi, Alpha Phi Pi, and Beta Gamma Zeta.
Michelle states, "Phi Theta Kappa and the Indiana Region have been very supportive during the past year as I ran for International Office and my work as a chapter president. This is an opportunity to show my support of the region and its members." She can be reached by email at

Fall Leadership

Alpha Upsilon Tau, hosted Fall Leadership in Indianapolis on September 8-9, 2000. The chapter presented a good slate of speakers that were complimented with a variety of break out sessions. The sessions ranged from diversity to America's Promise and organ donation. Congratulations to the Alpha Upsilon Tau chapter for hosting a successful Fall Leadership conference!
As pictured to the left, Billy Wilson was our special representative from International Headquarters. He joined many Phi Theta Kappans along with alumni of Ivy Tech State College attended the Alumni at the Colts game and festivities that weekend. Mr. Wilson added, "I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Indiana Leadership Conference. Like each of the other Indiana meetings I have attended, this Leadership Conference had excellent preparation, fine facilities, unmatched camaraderie (I can always feel the love) and the creative 'extras' which make the occasion more festive and more fun. The quality of the speakers and the break-out forums and the added attraction of the alumni activities Saturday and the Colts game on Sunday were experiences I will long remember."

Anderson Meets Colorado

Alpha Omega Delta held its Fall Induction on November 18, 2000. The Anderson chapter, lead by Tamara Fosnight, President and Jon Holman, Vice President were joined by a member of their ‘virtual’ sister chapter. Ron Greenwell, Alpha Rho Theta President, traveled from Pueblo, Colorado to provide the Welcome and Charge to the new inductees.

Membership Directory

Who's who among Phi Theta Kappans? Now you can find out more information about your fellow Phi Theta Kappans around the world. The Society's first publication of this kind will include members at no cost. The directory will include information such as the member's name, email address, telephone number, degrees earned, and college attended.
Members wishing to be included in the directory should provide their information via telephone. They may call the Harris Publishing Company at 1-800-326-1707, Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm, Saturday from 9am to 5pm, or Sunday from 2pm to 9pm. The Phi Theta Kappa Membership Directory - Millennium Edition includes members reported to Headquarters between 1997 and July 31, 2000.

Journey Challenge

The 2000 Journey Challenge is now in it's last month. Twenty chapters in Indiana have accepted the challenge. To date, five Indiana chapters have met their Journey Challenge. Alpha Kappa Nu-IUPU Fort Wayne, Alpha Omega Delta-Anderson, Alpha Psi Lambda-Madison, Alpha Rho Sigma-Bloomington, Alpha Upsilon Tau-Indianapolis, have all reported their new members to Phi Theta Kappa headquarters and have officially met their Journey Challenge!
Several other chapters are close to meeting their challenge and will reach the challenge with their fall induction ceremony. If you have already held your induction and have met your Journey Challenge, please let your regional officer know. Also, be sure to forward your new member information to headquarters to make your numbers official.
To reach our regional Journey Challenge, the Indiana Region needs a total of ten chapters to meet their challenge. If you have any questions about your chapter requirement for the Journey Challenge you may contact any regional officer for assistance.

Journey Challenge Poll

The Indiana Region's website featured asked visitors to participate in a poll related to the Journey Challenge. The question was "In which way have you had the most success recruiting new members?" The results for the poll were:
41% holding orientations
41% promotion on campus
16% meeting with individuals

Visit the website to participate in the current poll. The question is concerning your chapter's 5-star status. Please indicate your chapter's status and view the results of the poll.