Hoosier Kappan
Volume 9, Issue 1      The Voice of the Indiana Region       September 2000

Journey Challenge

Last year, the Indiana Region became the first region to meet the Journey Challenge. This year, we have a great opportunity to meet the Challenge for a second time. This would be a great accomplishment, one that only four regions have a chance to meet. Indiana, Ohio, Rocky Mountain Cascade, and the Nevada/California Regions were the only four regions to meet their Journey Challenge in 1999.

The goals for 2000 have changed slightly. Any chapter that met their Journey Challenge in 1999, needs to induct one additional member than they actually inducted last year. Chapters that did not meet the Challenge last year have the same goal as last year. For the Indiana Region to meet the Journey Challenge for a second year, eleven chapters (40%) must meet their challenge.

The regional officers will be monitoring the website: http://www.ptk.org/jc_2000/pages/regjc29.htm and communicating with your chapter to check on your progress and to assist you and the region in meeting the Journey Challenge. Only four regions have to possibility of meeting the Journey Challenge both years. Help the Indiana Region and your chapter succeed in the Challenge and celebrate our accomplishments in Denver!

Indiana Regional Board

The Regional Coordinator for our region is Dr. Gene Spiess (Ivy Tech-Central Office). The advisors appointed to the board are made up of the chair, Diana Pappin (Ivy Tech-Richmond), Lisa Berger (University of Indianapolis), Susan Jackon (Ivy Tech-Sellersburg), Kathie Potter (Ivy Tech-Evansville), and Twila Yaste (Ivy Tech-Sellersburg. The President of the Indiana Alumni Chapter also serves on the board. The current Alumni President is Sherris Johnson.

Indiana Regional Officers

During the Regional Convention in Lafayette this past March, a new group of regional officers took office in the Indiana Region. The new slate of officers includes President Jennifer Stevens, Vice President-North James Lowes, Vice President-South Jamie Barchet, Public Relations Officer Vince Small, and Secretary Tina Burger.

Get to know your regional officers. We are here to provide assistance and guidance to you and your chapter.

The region extends a special thanks to the prior regional officers of 1999-2000 for their dedicated service throughout the year.

Honors Study Topic

Every year since 1968, Phi Theta Kappa introduces a new Honors Study Topic for chapters and regions to study. Billy Wilson, Director of Honor Programs for Phi Theta Kappa, chairs the Honors Committee responsible for implementing each year's Honor's Topic. The topic is meant to be international in scope and allow schools, big and small, the ability for research. The Honors Topic for 2000-2001 is In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life.

Mini Honors

Mini Honors, the Indiana version of the International Honors will be held December 1-2 in Sellersburg. Friday night will be concluded with a costume dance. Dress as your favorite island character for the dance. The entertainment will be Revolver, the Beatles impersonators some of you may remember from the 1999 Regional Convention. Saturday you should wear your Hawaiian shirts and we will all enjoy a luau lunch! Be sure to attend the Mini Honors to learn more about the Honors Topic and have a blast with the Alpha Tau Sigma Chapter and the Indiana Region!

International Honors Institute

One of the highlights of my being a Phi Theta Kappa advisor has been attending the Honors Institute at the University of San Diego this past summer. What a wonderful experience! I was in the company of 450 Phi Theta Kappa members, advisors and alumni, all outstanding leaders and special people. The campus was beautiful and university dining hall food was excellent, especially the ice cream! It was fun living in a dorm and getting the feel of campus life. The weather was something I had never experienced before - warm days, cool evenings, and almost no humidity. (Nothing like Evansville weather).

It was very inspiring to attend sessions on the 2000-01 Honors Study Topic, "In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life" and to hear experts in their field speak on the various topics involving water. We were all assigned to Seminar Groups for the week and after each session, we would go back to our groups to discuss the speaker's topic and how it could be incorporated on our campus. Many close friendships were formed in these Seminar Groups; friendships that didn't end at the close of the week's activities.

Besides exploring the Honors Study Topic, we were given time during the week to explore fun places such as Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I especially enjoyed spending time with the others from Indiana. What a great group! I think we all represented the state of Indiana well.

If any of you have the opportunity to attend the Honors Institute next year in Toronto, Canada, you should jump at the chance! I'm hoping to be selected as a Seminar Leader. If I am selected, maybe I'll be lucky enough to have you in my group!

Kappa hugs, Kathie Potter.

Community College of Indiana

On August 2nd, Governor Frank O'Bannon visited the Ivy Tech Evansville campus for a press conference regarding the new Community College of Indiana Ivy Tech Vincennes Partnership. Also in attendance were Ivy Tech State College Vice President Chuck Jones, Vincennes University President Phil Summers, and Ivy Tech Evansville Chancellor Dan Schenk. Two Phi Theta Kappans from Evansville were privileged to address the 100 observers and assorted news media to share from a personal perspective the importance of this new Community College initiative. Tony Fife, an active member of the Alpha Phi Theta Chapter and also president of Evansville's Student Community Council, enthusiastically shared his experiences as non-traditional college student.

After the press conference, Tony was invited by Vincennes University President Summers to visit the Vincennes campus to further share his enthusiasm. Elizabeth Combs, Alpha Phi Theta president, shared her insights as a part-time student, full-time mom, and full-time Phi Theta Kappan. "With the expanded course offerings, students will be able to broaden their scholarly challenges, and that is at the heart of the ideals of Phi Theta Kappa. "Evansville was an honored to host such esteemed guests, and Alpha Phi Theta was privileged to assist the Community College of Indiana in spreading the word about this new and exciting partnership. - Elizabeth Combs

The Community College of Indiana is a partnership between Ivy Tech State College and Vincennes University. The initial Ivy Tech pilot sites for the partnership are Evansville, Gary, Indianapolis, and Lafayette this fall.

Nota Bene

Nota Bene is Phi Theta Kappa's Annual Honors Anthology since 1994. Members of the Society currently enrolled in an associate-degree program may submit an unlimited number of entries of drama, essays, poetry, research papers, or short stories. Five scholarships are awarded among the thirty entries selected for publication in Nota Bene. The deadline for the 2001 edition has been set as May 25, 2001. You can visit the following web page: www.ptk.org/publications/notabene/notabene_info.htm for further information.

Jennifer Wells, of the Alpha Phi Theta Chapter in Evansville, had her entry selected for publication in the 2000 edition of Nota Bene. Her poem, Ariel, is included below.


With onyx hair and ruby lips,
She stares into the diamond glass
And blows a kiss.

She hears her laughter as dove's wings,
Flapping in the sun's bright beams
And sighs.

She twirls around, a marionette
Dancing on strings from the hearts she collects
And laughs

She gives no thought to the constraints of time;
Death will never collect his tax from her eyes.
She tells herself this.

In secrecy she might shed a tear
But not for others; her pain is too dear
To waste.

In time there will come under kisses and sighs,
The lines which write beneath her eyes --
The truth.

But read, she will not, as I surmise,
For she is her own vampire, immortal from her lies.
She will be alone.

- Jennifer Wells © 1999, 2000

America's Promise

Upon two very successful years partnering with America Reads, Phi Theta Kappa has kept its sites focused on the children and has named America's Promise as the National Service Project for 2000-2002.

America's Promise was founded in late April 1997. Presidents Clinton, Bush, Carter, and Ford along with Nancy Reagan, on behalf of her husband, met in Philadelphia with one hundred mayors, thirty governors, 140 community delegates, and thousand of concerned citizens. The Summit was co-sponsored by the Corporation for National Service and the Points of Light Foundation. From that meeting came America's Promise. General Colin Powell heads this organization which is committed to have the nation fulfill Five Promises to the young people. The Five Promises are: ongoing relationships with caring adults, parents, mentors, tutors or coaches; safe places with structured activities during non-school hours; healthy start and future; marketable skills through effective education; and opportunities to give back through community service.

To learn more about how you can take part in America's Promise and become a Chapter of Promise, visit our website at http://Indiana-Region.tripod.com/Service.html for several links.

Nathan's Battle

The Regional Officers have implemented a Regional Service Project. Nathan's Battle has was chosen as the project because it encompasses the National Service Project's aim toward the youth and also hits home for Indiana. Nathan Milto, suffering from a fatal degenerative neurological disorder, Late Infantile Batten Disease (CLN2), is a resident of Greenwood, Indiana. The average life expectancy for a child with CLN2 is ten years.

Scientists around the world are researching and working on a cure for the disease along with the assistance of Philip Milto. Resulting from his organizing this research effort, a viable genetic treatment, a cure, exists today! However, it awaits the FDA and the National Institutes of Health to get the drug to clinical trial needed. You can read further about the disease and the progress being made at http://www.nathansbattle.com.

There are four main ways you can help:
» Help raise money for the clinical trial.
» Help raise awareness of Nathan's Battle.
» Include Nathan and family in prayers.
» Help research possibilities.

Indiana Region Website

The Indiana Region is Online! Vince Small introduced the Region’s brand new website at Summer Planning in July. The Region can turn to the website to find out information related to our region. From background information about the Indiana Region to message boards and links to various Phi Theta Kappa sites, there is much information just a click away. Visit the website and begin a discussion or participate in the Journey Challenge survey.

Summer Splash

On August 19, 2000 members, alumni, officers, advisors, family and friends celebrated Phi Theta Kappa Summer Splash Millennium Bash. The day contained beautiful weather at Burdette Park in Evansville. Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy either swimming at the aquatic center or playing a round of miniature golf. The park also offered tennis courts, hiking trails, fishing, and batting cages, as well beautiful scenery. The weather was excellent for our fellowship activity. And no Phi Theta Kappa event is complete without food. Our picnic lunch included hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ, pasta salad, potato salad, veggie tray, cookies, and chips, all the essentials. There was also time for picture taking, a scavenger hunt, time with the clown, washer boards, and just good time fellowship. Members also enjoyed making Nathan's good wish card with the ocean scene made out of materials he could touch and feel. We had lots of laughs on who was the artist in the group. Tina Burger won the prize. This was a great day for fellowship and a good time was had by all. - Jamie Barchet

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear is an opportunity for chapters to exemplify the spirit of Phi Theta Kappa and their chapter at regional events. The chapter awarded the Spirit Bear will make it part of their chapter and will include it in the chapter's activities until the next regional event. At the next regional event the Spirit Bear will be awarded to another chapter.

1. The regional officers will be responsible for tallying votes and announcing the winners. The regional officers will not be responsible for choosing the winners. In case of a tie, the winner will be drawn from a hat.
2. Each chapter will assign one delegate who will caucus with their chapter and vote according to the chapter decision.
3. The chapter hosting the current regional event will not be eligible for the spirit bear. The chapter hosting the next regional event will not be eligible for the spirit bear.
4. One or more of the four hallmarks (scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship) should be used. The Spirit Bear competition can be part of a hallmark for the chapter. So even if a chapter doesn't take home the Spirit Bear the activity can still be used as part of their hallmark essay. Examples: The "Just Peachy Campaign" by the Warsaw chapter (Service) and the "Bug Hugs" by the Evansville chapter (Fellowship).
5. The activity can be part of an ongoing project before, during and after the regional event, in fact this should be encouraged. Only the activity at the regional event should be judged, activities related to the project outside of the regional event are not to be considered in judging.

Indiana Feels Good in Orlando

Indiana Phi Theta Kappans felt oh, so good, in Orlando at the 82nd International Convention held at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan Hotels. Over 4,000 Phi Theta Kappa members, advisors, and alumni gathered to "Catch the Wave!" and to celebrate the past year and to elect new international officers.

This year’s convention saw two of our fellow Hoosiers run for international office. Loretta Schwarz ran for International President and Michelle Worley ran for North Central Vice President. Both candidates and their campaign team spent countless hours and tons of energy as they met members, advisors, and voting delegates in Marketplace. Unfortunately, after the first round of voting, both were eliminated from the run-off election. All of us are proud of their efforts and were impressed by their dedication and professionalism. Indiana was represented well once again!

During the many general sessions, awards were given to the best and brightest individual members and to chapters as well. The 2000 Continued Excellence Awards for Advisors were given to Twila Yaste, Alpha Tau Sigma Chapter, and to Susan Jackson, Alpha Tau Sigma Chapter. Elizabeth Combs, Alpha Phi Theta Chapter, received one of the 2000 George O. Bierkoe Distinguished Member Awards. Alpha Phi Theta Chapter, Ivy Tech State College, Evansville, was recognized as one of the Top 100 Chapters as well as one of the Top 25 Chapters for the Fellowship Hallmark.

The highlight of the general session for Indiana was the Distinguished Regional Coordinator Award. The award is based on encouragement, fellowship and continuity provided to chapters within the region; assistance in planning and implementing regional meetings; facilitation of attendance at international meetings by chapters in the region; and orientation, motivation and direction provided to advisors and officers within the region. Our own Dr. Gene Spiess won this year's award.

During the general sessions, the members had the opportunity to hear from some of the world's great leaders. Geraldine Ferraro and Jeane Kirkpatrick had a debate. General Colin Powell introduced the international service project, America's Promise. Dr. Sylvia Earl, renown aquanaut, shared her experiences as she introduce this year's international honors topic, "In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life."

Many attendees found some time to explore all that Orlando had to offer. From the nearby Boardwalk to the four Disney theme parks, the spirit of fellowship could be felt throughout the Convention. All 4,000, united under three letters, Phi Theta Kappa! - Neil Bagadiong

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