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Regional Events

April 1-30, 2001: Centennial Anniversary of Community Colleges

May 1, 2001: Leaders of Promise Scholarship Applications due

June 17-24, 2001: International Honors Institute - Atlanta, Georgia

Congratulations Corner

Congratulations to our new regional officers! They were elected at the Regional Convention in Muncie. Your new regional officers are: Tamara Fosnight, President; Beth Watson, North Vice President; Patrick Brenner, South Vice President; Damon Davis, Public Relations; and Sheri Peoples, Secretary.

Congratulations to Tamara Fosnight, president of Alpha Omega Delta, for receiving the Harvey S. Poling, Jr. Scholarship. Poling Scholarship recipients are Ivy Tech students 28 years of age or older who have shown promise in their academic fields and have completed at least half of their academic programs with a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

Congratulations to the Indiana Region chapters which have met their 2000 Journey Challenge!! The following chapters have met their challenge: Alpha Kappa Nu, IUPU-Fort Wayne; Alpha Omega Delta, Ivy Tech-Anderson; Alpha Phi Theta, Ivy Tech-Evansville; Alpha Psi Lambda, Ivy Tech-Madison; Alpha Rho Sigma, Ivy Tech-Bloomington; Alpha Tau Xi, Ivy Tech-Fort Wayne; Alpha Upsilon Tau, Ivy Tech-Indianapoils; Beta Gamma Zeta, Ivy Tech-Logansport; Beta Zeta Kappa, Ivy Tech-Warsaw.

Please email Vince Small any news you have concerning your chapter or members that you would like to share with the region!

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