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Scholarsihp Hallmark

Honors Study Topic

In the Midst of Water:  Origin and Destiny of Life

The Scholarship Hallmark is highlighted each year by the Honors Study Topic. Every year, Phi Theta Kappa announces a new study topic at the International Convention. This years Honors Committee led by Phi Theta Kappa's Director of Honors, Billy Wilson, along with International headquarters announced the topic for 2000-2001 is In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life.

However, what does water have to do with Indiana? The answer is Everything! While we may not have an ocean on our border like nearly one third of the country, we do have Lake Michigan to the north and the Ohio River to the south, with many rivers, lakes, and streams in between.

In addition to the bodies of water, H2O is one of the most important sources of life. We obviously need water directly in our bodies and also we must have water to give life to our food supply. The Earth is made of approximately 75% water, which is similar to our own bodies' 70%. Many foods we consume are over 90% water! Estimates of fresh and available water vary slightly, however, most show that the estimate is less than five percent. Approximately 90% of the Earth's water is salt water. The ten percent (or less) consist of our usable water and those located in aquifers and the polar caps.

From conservation to trying to eliminate pollution, the topic of water is most definitely a worldwide issue and concern. Water is literally everywhere and just as the topic states that water is the origin of life, it is still the major source.

The Environment Canada website illustrates the hydrologic cycle: The cycle of water from condensation to transpiration and evaporation. Their site offers much insight and knowledge about this immense yet fairly simple element. Consisting of two basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen, it is the lifeline of our existence.

The Scholarship Hallmark in Phi Theta Kappa is an educational and scholastic hallmark. Many times people will think that it is dealing with the actual scholarships that are awarded to Phi Theta Kappa students. Eventhough the hallmark is present to enlighten us and enrich our lives on various scholastic topics, Phi Theta Kappa members are eligble for approximately $30 million from over 500 colleges and universities. Visit the official Phi Theta Kappa website to locate scholarships which you may be eligible to receive.

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