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Fellowship Hallmark

Fellowship is the fourth hallmark of Phi Theta Kappa. Interaction among members of the honor society enables members to enjoy activities with one another. Getting to know each other will help the membership in all of their joint endeavors.

The activities available for fellowship are only limited by your imagination. The activity could be solely for entertainment or you could arrange an event in coordination with another hallmark. For instance, you may wish to have members view a movie related to the Honors Study topic and perhaps discuss their interpretations of how the movie relates to the topic. Whatever activities you choose, enjoy each other's company and have fun!

There are even online activities you may wish to participate in with other members. Websites such as Yahoo! or Excite offer many interactive, multi-player games. Keep in touch via email from free providers such as Hotmail or Yahoo! Click on the link below to give Kappa Hugs over the Internet as well. Online fellowship is a great way to extend fellowship with members beyond your own chapter or region!

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