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Scholarsihp Hallmark

Honors Study Topic

Customs, Traditions and Celebrations: The Human Drive for Community

The Scholarship Hallmark is highlighted each year by the Honors Study Topic. Every year, Phi Theta Kappa announces a new study topic at the International Convention. This year's Honors Committee led by Phi Theta Kappa's Director of Honors, Billy Wilson, along with International headquarters announced the topic for 2001-2002 is Customs, Traditions and Celebrations: The Human Drive for Community.

Find out more information on this year's Honors Topic on the International Website.

The Scholarship Hallmark in Phi Theta Kappa is an educational and scholastic hallmark. Many times people will think that it is dealing with the actual scholarships that are awarded to Phi Theta Kappa students. Eventhough the hallmark is present to enlighten us and enrich our lives on various scholastic topics, Phi Theta Kappa members are eligble for approximately $30 million from over 500 colleges and universities. Visit the official Phi Theta Kappa website to locate scholarships which you may be eligible to receive.

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