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Indiana E-groups

An email group (e-group) allows members of the group to send messages to all of the members within the group by using only the group email address. It is an excellent way for all of the Indiana Region to keep in contact with one another concerning Phi Theta Kappa related events.

Two e-groups have been established for the Indiana Region. The first e-group is open to all members in Indiana. To join, simply send an email to and you will receive back information for joining the group.

The second group established for members within the Indiana Region are for the Chapter Presidents. This group allows the presidents from all chapters to communicate with one another concerning matters related to their office as President. Any chapter President wishing to join the Presidents' e-group may contact Vince Small for instructions on how to join.

If you have any questions concerning the e-groups for the Indiana Region, please visit the e-groups website or contact Vince Small for assistance.

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